• Our company is located in Morbi (Gujarat), it is a large-scale enterprise under modern management system specialized in producing and selling high-class construction ceramics, with many excellent professional staff members. We have been operating advanced manufacturing and it is might strength on product design, research & development and technology innovation that make our company enjoy a leading position in this field.
  • Our company has been awarded the iso 9001:2000 edition international quality system certificate. through the strictest inspection standers to select raw materials. Our products are examined by the national authorities as to the environmental protecting ceramics.


  • Since the initiation of our first unit in the year 2005, we realized that ” Success demand Creativity & Innovativeness. ” In a span of 14 years, Kasani has managed to innovate with the changing needs of the ceramic industry. From decorative roofing tiles to sober and attractive floor tiles; there is one thing in common: willingness to enhance lifestyles!
  • Kasani has had a very long journey in the industry and stands atop its contemporaries like a shining star radiating its experience and sense of innovation to all!


  • We are committed to delight customers with world-class ceramic products and services, make Kasani synonymous with the best quality and set new benchmarks of excellence for all stakeholders. Pursue best business practices with the utmost integrity to make Kasani exciting organization to work with, for vendors, channel partners, investors and employees alike.


  • KASANI offers a wide spectrum of experiences through an extensive range of products. To complement the Sanitaryware products there is a range of faucets, tiles, shower products, kitchen sinks and personal care products.


  • Ceramic Sanitarywares are used for sanitation purposes. Sanitary ware products range from Wash Basins, Closets, Urinals, Sinks, Baths tubs etc. Because of its good properties like good corrosion resistance, good abrasion resistance, glazy surface with different appealing colours, the use of sanitary ware for sanitation purpose has not yet been remarkably replaced by other materials like steel, fibre etc.


  • Sanitaryware range from KASANI offers comprehensive and classy washroom solutions. Each product in this range is crafted to cater to those who appreciate the finer things in life. Designed to smooth and stimulate the urbane and sophisticated, the styles range from contemporary to neoclassical; some products are crafted by leading designers.


  • At Kacera Sanitary Wares we use top-of-the-line materials in every aspect of our production line. We are well aware of how crucial high standards are in this modern era. When it comes to manufacturing products, we’re committed to ensuring that you receive nothing but the best. We use the best basic materials of China Clay, Feldspar, etc. against our competitors.


  • Kacera Sanitary Wares is a leader in the industry. In order to stay at the top, we work with a wide variety of expert professionals to create quality-controlled products. Our world-class products go through multiple safety and standard inspections before they are delivered to our world-class products go through multiple safety and standard inspections before they are delivered to our customers.


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